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Felipe Gomez is a passionate, dedicated, and enthusiastic artist here in Austin, TX.  He gravitated to Art a young age at the Italian school of Leonardo Davinci in Bogota, Columbia. A graduate of Texas State University in Digital Media Innovation, he not only has created memorable street art right here in Austin, but is combining his excellent digital design skills and 3D printing technology with sculpture. Felipe’s intricate multi-piece laser woodcut artwork uses a complex layering style that is all his own (and showcased on the walls here at SoCo Modern with his sculpture Divine Edification).

Art Community Affiliations

2021  Unknown Collective

2021  Art of Austin
2020 Polis Creative
2020 Austin Arts Collective
2020 WhenWhatWhere Austin
2019 Big Medium
2019 Meow Wolf
2018 Future TBD Art Collective

“I am most well known for my wood pieces, but I am also an oil painter at heart There is something inherently beautiful and powerful about putting brush to canvas. There is something very, very special about mixing your own colors, and going to battle with the canvas. One-to-one, that’s it. The problem solving, the roller-coaster of emotions and the self-growth that painting takes you through is incomparable.”