Artwork Leasing

Swing by the Gallery and see our MASSIVE collection of Art available for lease in your office or home.

Blank walls in your office are a great canvas.

Improve the impressions your brand makes with investment-level artwork that speaks to the values of creativity.  See for yourself how accessible and flexible Artwork Leasing can improve team morale and customer relationships.

Leasing artwork can be just the thing to give your home or office the right look. SoCo Modern offers Artwork for corporate leasing in Austin, TX, an excellent option for businesses and companies who know how beautiful artwork changes a room and its vibe. It can work great for your budget while also not having to commit to an aesthetic. By leasing artwork from SoCo Modern’s collection of contemporary and street art, you can find the right look for your business while adding more impact to your business relationships.

Wide Variety

The collection at SoCo Modern Art Gallery can provide a variety of art forms and mediums for lease, including jewelry, accessories, and other decorative artwork.

“If you’re new to art investments or just don’t know how to ‘make the right pick’ consider a portfolio of fractional ownership investments in some blue-chip artists like Banksy and Picasso. YES! You can afford to invest in pieces by these big-name artists.” – Patrick Jones, Owner SoCo Modern/Patrick Jones Gallery

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